Saturday, February 14, 2015

Trip to Thummalapenta

It was all of a sudden I was returning back from office and was thinking that we didn't go somewhere for a long time. I came back home and was asking Runai if she wanted to go somewhere and she was ok. Recently we are in a phase of visiting Andhra Pradesh. I started searching places in their website and found a place in the sea shore and known as Thummalapenta. We booked the hotel which are maintained by government. That same evening we made some food for our next day early morning trip and went to sleep early.

It's 14-Feb-2015 we got up at 3:00 am and after getting ready, we started by 4:30 am from home. We wanted to get the navigation detail and found that google doesn't know the place for navigation. Thats where we understood that it is a very remote place. Anyway after couple of research, we found that the nearby popular place is Kavali and we got the direction. It's around 450 km from Bangalore. It was a life time experience and will not forget this. As we crossed Kolar, we couldn't see anything in road due to fog. Hardly few feet is the visibility. I have never seen a fog like that. Anyway we started driving very very slowly and cautious too. After driving for 1 1/2 hour, there we see sun coming up but not a chance for fog. At 7 am, we could see clearly again and started to drive properly. We crossed Mulbagal, Chittor, Tirupati, Nellor and reached the place at 1:30 pm.
Thummalapenta is a small (very small) village with hardly few 100s of people and that makes it a so lovely place. There is absolutely nothing to do or go anywhere except the sea beach. The only place to stay is the government hotel which is right in the beach. A newly build, well maintained and enormous room is there to offer you plus the sea view right in front of you.
As you take your left diversion from Chennai-Kolkata highway, you will land in a small narrow road. Don't worry its tarred. Go for 10 km and you will see mostly fish farming on both side and other farming too like watermelon and veggies. The village junction road has hardly 5 shops but don't know what we get there. So source of food is in the mercy of hotel. But good thing is that they make a good tasty food.
Fishing Boat
But i think there is a cruel thing happening. As we were walking past the beach, we see deep digging here and there along the line. We realized that it's the tortoise who come here, lay their egg and go back to sea. But I think someone from the village is digging it out because there are no eggs inside the sand. Don't know what they do with the egg. May be for money or for food. But I think government should take care of it. I think the beach is very popular for tortoise.
After check-in we freshen up and had lunch. Evening we took our car and wanted to go and see what's there to offer us in nearby place. After going for few km, we found farmland and beautiful nature. After spending some time till evening, we returned back hotel and spent some time in play area. Evening it was pitch dark and didn't any people around except the hotel staff. We ordered for dinner and was watching TV. After sometime, dinner was served and around 10 pm we went to sleep.
It was mid night around 1 am when I hear someone knocking the door. I opened the door and see 2 police men standing in the door with the hotel staff. I am like what. Why you are disturbing us at this time. They didn't knew English I guess, so went and their boss came in. He wanted to know with whom I am staying. After some talk and he coming inside the room and see our driving license and Runai and me relation, they moved away.

It's 15-Feb-2015, we got up as usual and after freshen up we ordered for breakfast. It was yummy one and after having one plate we ordered for second plate too. Anyway after paying the bill and the hotel staff saying me sorry for last night. we started our journey back to Bangalore at 10:00 am. Our our way back, nothing fancy. After crossing Tirupati, we stopped near a dhaba. Food was ok but nothing great and again we started our journey. We reached home at 8:00 pm.

Fish Farming

Bay of Bengal

Fishing Boat