Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trip to Nandi Hills

On 11-Sep-2009 (Friday), I was planning to go somewhere, more because I have my new bike. Then I decided to go to Nandi Hills which is arround 60 km from my place. I don't know the way except that I have to go to Hebbal Flyover and then staright to BIAL and startght forward. That night I filled tank, checked tyre pressure and selpt early.

Next morning 12-Sep-2009 (Saturday), I got up early at 4:00 AM and started at 5:00 AM from my home. It was still night and it was a different experience for me.

By the time I reached BIAL crossing around 6:00 AM, it started raining and I stood in nearby shade which I think sells tender coconut in day time. Anyway after rain stopped, I started again and it was a nice road, I think it is NH7. The scene was beautiful and great for photographer for early sun rise. After traveling for 30 KM, I asked a passer by to give me direction for Nandi Hills. I went staright and after another 5 km, i saw a sign board which points to Nandi Hills toward my left.

I took that road, crossing all grapes garden and beautiful landscape and following sign board, I reached foothill of Nandi Hills. I saw many trekking groups on thier way to Nandi Hills. On the way I stopped in nearby shop to get some chips packet and biscuite for morning breakfast. I have never rode in hills and it was my first time experience. I had to cross many hair pin bends and steep road to finally reached Nandi Hills around 7:30 AM. The best part was that the moment I reached the gate my bike engine stopped all by itself. May be it was a indication that I have reached. When I reached there, I parked my bike and saw nobody around. I was wondering whether anybody visit this place or not. Anyway I got a enterance ticket for Rs. 5 and went in. In most places I was alone except few localites.

Places to visit are
Tippus Drop the place from where Tippu made his prisoners fall .
Tippus Summer Residence a beautiful palace on top of this hill. This palace is not open to public.
Temples There are temples dedicated to Sri Bhoga Narasimha, Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha .
Rivers The rivers Pennar, Palar and Arkavati originate from these hills.Most of the sources have dried up . Brahmashram It is said that Sage Ramakrishna Paramhamsa meditated here.Its a cool cave .
Nandi At the foot of Nandi Hills is this place with "Bhoganandishwaraswamy Temple", it is a Wonderful Place. (A Must visit)
Muddenahalli The home town of Sri M.Visveswaraya, the architect of modern Karnataka. Muddenahalli is just a few Kilometers from Nandi Hills. The house of this genius is now a museum.(A Must visit)
Paapagni The Panchanandikshtra. Visit it is Only 3 km from Chikballapur. (A Must visit)

Except for first 4 places, I did not visit other places because back then I was not aware of these places. We have to explore the place by walking. There is a lake in the middle of the place.

You can really enjoy the beautiful landscape and it looks lovely when flower bloosom in the morning and with the mist, it is awesome. There is a KSRTC hotel and resturant and few individual food stalls.

After I explorered the place, I started climbing down and started to return back to Bangalore around 11:00 AM. I saw that the bike parking lot is full and people are all around. Thats when I understood that people don't come here before 10:00 AM. Again climbing down the hill was first time experience for me in bike and reached home at 1:00 PM.

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