Thursday, October 06, 2011

Trip to Kochi

Its 05-Oct-2011, Runai and I thought to go somewhere for our long weekend. As usual we packed our bags and went to bus station. We got in Salem bus and we reached there at night 12:30 AM. As usual was wondering where to go where we did not visit yet. We wanted to go to Rameshwaram but somehow it did not work and then the next thought was our old Otty. So got in a Coimbatore bus and reached Coimbatore a.k.a Kovai around morning 4:30 AM. Had coffee and went to searched for hotel. I am aware of every hotel in Gandhipuram area since my college days. Promptly I headed toward a hotel and got a room. Freshened up and went for breakfast in Annarnapurna Gowrisankar and then got in a auto to go to Coimbatore Cantonment station to get a return mountain train from Mettupalayam to Ooty. Since it was a holiday session, we did not get a reserved ticket. So we have cancelled that train idea and thought of going in bus.

Next we got in a local bus from Gandhipuram to Mettupalayam which is arround 40 KM and takes an hour to reach. We reached Mettupalayam bus stand and got in a share taxi who dropped us in Ooty a.k.a Udhagamandalam in 3 hours which is around 30 KM.
Chocolate and Oil shop
Near Otty Railway station
Way to Otty lake
Way to Otty lake
Near Otty bus stand
Ooty is always famous for home made chocolate and some natural oils. There is a very good shop just opposite to Lake entrance gate. The road from Ooty railway station to lake is really beautiful and one should walk that streach to enjoy the natural beauty. Also one should take a mountain train ride from Mettupalayam to Otty. It takes approximately 6 hours on up hill which starts at 7:00 AM and down hill takes approximately 4 hours which starts at 2:00 PM. We did lot of walking and photograph sessions from Runai. At arround 4:00 PM we disturbed our old Friend Vidhya Prakash a.k.a Vidhu over phone and asked him whether he is free for the weekend and he promptly he replied that he is free. The next we knew was that he are in Ooty bus stand to come back to Coimbatore to meet him and make some plan for the weekend. We got in a direct bus to Coimbatore and reached around 7:30 PM. Vidhu came to our room at 8:30 PM and he told us that he already inquired one of the best resort in Cherai which is near to Kochi. But it was a bit costly for us who was demanding 7K per night. Later we searched for few other resorts but nothing was wining our vote. So later we booked Cherai Beach Resort for a night and decided to stay another night in some other resort. In any case Vidhu got a new VW Polo
Vishu's car parked in Cherai Beach Resort
and we have to go somewhere that night. So we got in his car and went to a restaurant near stadium which is world famous in Coimbatore. Got really yummy food parceled and enjoyed the food in our room. Vidhu left us at around 12:00 AM and we went to sleep.

Next morning we checked out hotel at 5:00 AM and headed towards Cherai in Vidhu's car. It was still dark when we started
Early morning just started from our hotel at 5:00 AM
and around 6:30 AM we had our first pit stop to repair us by sipping tea and next we started again. At around we 9:00 AM we stopped near a restaurant which is a Tamil restaurant in Kerala Land. Basically that was the best restaurant we could find in that entire stretch. In NH47, I won't say road was bad,
NH 47 On the way to Cherai / Kochi from Coimbatore
but for 1 hour stretch, we have to find road in pot holes. It was a pathetic road for that 1 hour. The funniest thing is that we find some road sign which reads like "speed limit is 10 KM/H" and frankly speaking even if you want to speed more than that, you cannot due to the condition of road. Anyway with all fun and thanks to HTC maps, we could reach Cherai Beach at 10:00 AM. On our way we had real fun when Vidhu was imitating everything in Mallu accent.

We have spent sometime in Cherai Beach which is a very pleasant place for hang out.
Cherai Beach
At around 12:00 PM, we went to Cherai Beach Resort and went to our cottage.
Cherai Beach Resort entrance gate
Parking place in Cherai Beach resort
One of the cottage in Cherai Beach Resort
Another cottage in Cherai Beach Resort
Back side of Cherai Beach Resort surrounded by Back Water
Shadow in Back Water
Front side of Cherai Beach Resort with evening view of Arabian Sea
Arabian Sea in front of Cherai Beach Resort
It was a beautiful place and really worth staying for a night. It was in a small strip of land where one side is covered with back water and other side is surrounded by Arabian Sea. It has its own private beach, so we can enjoy anytime we feel like. By afternoon we were ready to explorer the place. Most of the cottage is in the middle of water body like pond with lush greenery around it. That day we had lots all fun and went to sleep at 4:00AM.

Next day we planned to get up by 10:00 AM to get the breakfast but sadly got up at 12:00 to check out the room. I had fallen sick, so had to get to a doctor. After that we drove down to a Kochi which is 20 KM from there. On our way we booked one of the hotel and checked in that hotel at arround 2:00 PM. We 3 happily slept for entire day and recharged our body. At night Vidhu and I went for dinner in some nearby place and got some juice. Night was again recharge session, so we slept and got up next day sharply at 7:00 AM. Went inside the restaurant and I had breakfast as if I did not have anything for last one week. I think other 2 creatures also had same way like me. You see I did not have time to check what they are eating because I was busy with mine.

We checked out that hotel and headed towards Fort Koch which is about 25 KM from here. Driving condition is good and it is a beautiful place. With our online map, we did not have much trouble and promptly went to Mattanchery Palace which was originally built by the Portuguese, and modified by the Dutch afterwards. We are not allowed to take pictures of this palace. Opposite to the palace, there is a jetty where people travel daily. I have seen Amet Cruises
Amet Cruise
in that jetty which I think is the oldest cruise in India. We had traveled through bazar road and one could see the old essence of Kerala. By afternoon we started to return back to Coimbatore and on our way we had light lunch and reached Coimbatore at 7:00 PM.

We got in a bus to Salem and then back to Bangalore next day at 6:00 AM.

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