Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bangalore Food Street

We are in Meggy's house in Ejipura, Bangalore on 25-Feb-2012. Meggy has given us a very well documented map to reach her house from Sony World Junction, Koramangala. We (i.e. Meggy, Ram, Runai, Akshi and I) were at her home. After some chit&chat and TV, we started discussing where should we go tonight. It was Meggy's idea that we will go to Food Street in VV Puram / Sajjan Rao Circle in Bangalore. Then the discussion went in how to go? Whether it will be in Akshi's car or 2 two-wheelers and a auto. Later it was decided that it is just going to be double and triple in 2 two-wheelers. Ram and I were in my bike and Meggy, Runai and Akshi in Meggy's Activa.
We started around 7 PM and the first traffic signal was in Neelasandra junction. Ram and I suddenly saw that Akshi got down from bike and started running. Oh yes, Akshi is good in running and she participate in Bangalore Marathon race. We had no idea why she was doing that. Later we found that trippels are not allowed in bike. So she is going to get down in every traffic signal and start running and then wait for us crossing the signal. Sometimes it happened that the signal was so long that she crossed 2 signal at a time and waited for us. I don't know how she did it but she did it for nearly 12 KM. Anyway after asking here and there, we have reached the place and parked our bike at 8:00 PM.
It was a very busy road and people were all around. It is approximately 1 km streach and it has nearly 50 food shop with more than 5k people. There was no place to stand, it was that crazy crowded. Its a pure veg street. The food store will provide food in plate and you have to make your own place somewhere and stand and eat. It was nice fun there. You can get idli, dosa, akki rotti, bele obbattu, corn, puliyogere, bonda , bajji, benne gulkan, beLe masala, masala pepsi, masala soda, vada pow, pow bhaji, paneer roll, romali roti, gobi manchurian, paneer masala, chat ... u name it they have it. All at a very reasonable price ...
We started with masala corn with mango. It was something different which we never tasted before. After that we promptly went to south indian store where it was very busy. With lots of struggle in the cash counter, we paid for 2 different types of dhosa and akki roti. It was very tasty and nice hot food. Good thing this is that they use nandini ghee and quality is good and they make everything as and when ordered. Then we went chat store and ordered for sev puri, dahi puri, gelabi and rasa malai. Meggy went to get bele obbattu. Every plate was very tasty. Later we again went for another plate of bele gelabi. Next was gulkan store. It was really really nice. There was this rose chutney type with lots of fruits and ice cream.Then we got a bottel of water and end of our dinner. For 5 people, the total bill was around Rs. 320.
Ram and I
Runai, Akshi and Meggy
Then we wanted to take tea but since it was 9:30 PM, we did not get tea anywhere there. Then we found a guy selling masks. That was the next fun we had and then we started to come back home and Akshi did the same hoping in every signal. Somewhere in middle police stopped us for breath analyzer and from nowhere Akshi was running in front of him at that late night. The police would have thought that one thief is escaping :-) Anyway with everything we reached Meggy's house arround 11 and with all chit chat we slept at 3:30 AM next Sunday.

Runai and I
Ram and Meggy

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