Friday, April 26, 2013

Trip to surprise Meggy at Mangalore

Its 26-Apr-2013, Runai and I are at KSRTC Bus Stand, Bangalore around 8:00 PM and our bus to Mangalore is at 10:09 PM. I have a meeting at 9:30 to 10:30 PM on same day, so I was wondering how do I handle this. Anyway I was equipped with Laptop, net connection headphone and other accessories. At 8:30 PM, I sent an email stating that I am in a situation where it will be difficult to attend the meeting. My manager was kind enough to let me skip the meeting and follow it in coming Monday. With that I was happy. Soon after at 9:00 PM, Ram comes and joins us. We board the bus at 9:45 PM and bus starts at 10:15 PM. Akshata joins us from Navrang Junction at 10:45 PM. We soon felt asleep and what we know is next day at Mangalore.

The trip is all about giving Megha a surprise in her house in Mangalore. She is in maternity leave with her parents. Its a secret except her husband Ram knows it from very beginning and her dad knows it just a day before and mom knows it same day, because she wants to cook delicious finger licking good food for us. BTW, Plingu or Plinguswari is about to join the Done Family soon.

Done Family
Its 27-Apr-2013, Ram woke up us hurriedly that we are in Mangalore bus stand and get down immediately, because bus will go further to Kundapura. We got down from the bus and saw that it was 5:30 AM. We come out of the bus stand her dad is waiting for us with his car. We get in and he drops us in the hotel which Akshi's uncle booked it for us. Its Hotel Veenu near Jothi Circle in Mangalore. Then her dad gives Akshi the direction about how to come to his house to give a life time surprise to Meggy. We parted from there, Ram went with his father-in-law and we 3 of us enter the hotel at 5:45 AM. Everything was closed, but security guard woke up everybody and we checked in. We 2 take a double bed and Akshi takes a single bed in 4th floor. From there we went straight to bed and slept till 8:00 AM and Akshi went for a morning run till Infosys and returns back which should be 10 KM. Anyway we leave the hotel at 9:30 AM and went straight to Woodland Hotel near Jothi Circle. We had Idli Vada and Rundai had plain dhosa. Food was awesome. We finished with coffee. The bill was Rs. 150. From there we got in a bus and got down in Urva Stores from where we had to go to Kodical Street. We walked for 1.3 KM down that street but obviously it felt like 3 KM and there we reached Meggy's house at 10:30 AM. She doesn't know anything yet. We get in and Ram saw us and asked us to follow him, we went right back to her and shouted. She was like super surprised. As quoted by Runai "i know this face... and that one, and that one too... but what are they doing here... someone pinch me i am hallucinating". Her grand mother was eating breakfast and was wondering what is going on. Then she started saying that she was feeling something is going on and thought that something is going to happen today but could not think anything like we are coming to her house. She was telling that her mom's food menu changed previous day and her dad was speaking over phone and suddenly he moved away from Meggy the previous day. Anyway now she knows why was all these happening. We later had second breakfast in her house. It was puri, veg mutton curry (It had no mutton, gravy was like mutton gravy and instead of mutton, steamed, fried flour rolls), sabji and fruits. Then we started all our gossip. After sometime Akshi and Ram went to sleep and we 3 continued. Now its time for lunch at 2:30 PM. We had fish biryani, raita, rice with veg curry and sabji and raita and pan cakes like stuff made with jackfruit and later dry fruits with rose ice cream from Pabbas. Her mom was non stop standing and cooking or doing some or other work from morning 6:00 AM till 2:00 PM. Hats off to aunty for her patience and filling our bhuka stomach. We took a quick nap and evening again we had sone papdi, sev and chai/ coffee. Later that day evening, we went to Tannirbhavi Beach.
Tannirbhavi Beach
Tannirbhavi Beach
Tannirbhavi Beach
Tannirbhavi Beach
Tannirbhavi Beach Bird
Tannirbhavi Beach Boat
Tannirbhavi Beach Boat
Ram drove us there and parking fee was Rs. 20. He had some beautiful pictures and walk. Before returning we had 3 kala-khatta gola and 1 tangy mango paccari. Dinner was in one of the best place ever which was suggested by Akshi. It is known as Maharaja. Anybody in Mangalore should try here and specially sea food. We ordered for squid sukka, ghee roast jumbo crab, 2 fried seer fish, 1 squid masala and 1 prawn masala with summer cool and other drinks. The crab was so big and hard that we had to ask for cutter to crack it open. Meggy orders parcel for veg kolapuri and roti for her parents. Food was real good. Even her parent liked it very much. The bill was around Rs. 2600. From there we went walking and Ram and Megha went back to their house.

Its 28-Apr-2013, we got up and checked out the hotel around 9:30 AM. The bill was Rs. 3000. This time we did not have breakfast, because we don't want to make double breakfast. Same way like yesterday we went to Meggy's house at 10:00 AM. We all had breakfast together. We had puri, mango poori, alu sabji, raita and fruits. Today after some gossip, Runai, Akshata and I went to sleep. Ram was reading Freakonomics. Lunch time at 2:30 PM, we went for lunch. We had Beans sabzi, methi leaves sabzi, chapatis, chicken curry, rice, i-forget-the-name-of-the-gravy, raitha and banana pachadi and fresh woodapple/ berry. Later we started watching IPL matches and at 4:30 PM, we went to PABBAS.
Pabbas Ice Cream
I have never seen an ice cream parlor like this one. People stand in queue to get in. Its always houseful. Its bigger than any restaurant and ambiance is very good. It is value for money, serving quantity was good and on top of everything it was yummy. Every item was in between 45 to 60 except just one which is PABBAS special and it cost 120. We ordered for Porfait, 2 different chocolate flavors and 1 PABBAS special. For this special dish, they gave us a choice menu and asked us to tick of our choice 3 varieties of ice cream, what variety of topping we would like. Later we ordered for another chocolate choconut and 3 varieties of other ice creams for parcel. The bill was around Rs. 800. After that we droped Akshi to her uncle's place and we went and gave the ice cream to Meggy parents. We came back again to same junction and picked up Akshi and from there we went to Suratkal Beach.
Suratkal Beach
Suratkal Beach
Suratkal Beach Light House
There was a light house too. Akshi's brother studied in Suratkal college and she showed us Garuda Bar and Akshata Theater. After some walking and photo season in the beach, we returned back at 6:30 PM in Meggy house. We took bath and had dinner. We had rooti and egg masala and besi bella bath with potato chips and raita. At 8:45 PM we started from her house and within 10 min we were in Mangalore bus stand. Our bus to Bangalore at 9:15 PM we waiting in the bay. We boarded the bus and went to sleep.

Sun In Between My Fingers

Its 29-Apr-2013, we are at Majestic, Bangalore at 4:30 AM and reached home at 5:30 AM.

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