Friday, March 28, 2014

Trip to South Goa

It is my 2nd visit to same place as in 10-Apr-2013. The only difference is last year it was Runai and I and this year it is with Som, Harsha, Runai and I.
Its 28-Mar-2014, Som, Runai and I reached KSRTC Bangalore Bus stand at 8:00 PM and Harsha too reached at same time. We got in our bus and it started at 8:45 PM. We had our dinner in mid way at 11:00 PM.
Its 29-Mar-2014, we reached Canaconna at 7:30 AM. We got in a local bus and got down in Agonda Bus stand. We walked down from there till our hotel. We settled in there and did nothing except eating and playing in water and sitting in the beach hut restaurant and cooling ourselves. I got a scooty in case we need anything from town. First day after lunch Harsha and I went to fill fuel and get something for us. Evening again Som and I went to get something for us. And later we played in water and laying down in lagoon till late night and then going to sleep at night 3:00 AM.
Its 30-Mar-2014, we got up and Runai and I went for local breakfastand went for local tour. When we came back to our place it was 10:00 AM and saw Som arround. We chit chatted in the balcony till 2:00 PM and thats when Harsha got joined us. Again Runai and I went out and later came back at 4:00 PM to have quick lunch. Again we played in water and returned back at night 9:00 PM when we were the only one walking in the beach. That night we went to sleep at 4:30 AM.
Its 31-Mar-2014, we got up as usual late and did nothing other than eating and chit chatting. Later in the evening we asked the person to get us a taxi to drop us till Margao. I requested him to give his bike so that we can go to ATM and get cash. As I was taking the bike out, I found that they started making the road. which apparently they are going to make for the first time. Harsha and I went first, because Som told he will get ready with the card by the time we return back. When I came back Som told that he will go alone because most of the road is blocked by then. When I went to my room, I found that Som have taken my wallet instead of his. So I took the bike again. Found him mid way and again went back to the ATM and then returned back. We left the place at 5:00 PM and reached Margao at 6:00 PM. We had snacks from local stalls and then got in bus at 8:00 PM.
Its 01-Apr-2014, we reached Bangalore at 7:30 AM and reached our house at 8:30 AM.

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