Friday, August 15, 2014

Trip to Tranquebar

Its 15-Aug-2014, we got up at 3:00 AM and started from house at 4:20 AM. Its still dark and we reached Krishnagiri when sun could be seen and taken a break to get cash. By 9:00 AM we were in Salem. We stopped our car sideway and had breakfast what we packed from home. From there we kept using Google Navigation and went through various cities and then towns and later villages. A 450 KM drive turned out to be 550 KM and by evening 4:00 PM we reached Tranquebar (Tharangambadi). In between we filled petrol and had lunch what we packed from home. Once we reached there, we found out to be extremely small place with hardly few people around. We went in and got in bungalow on the beach resort. They and also Hotel tamil Nadu are full and those are the only place to stay. not even a single private hotel there. The person inside the resort told us to go to Karaikal where we will find plenty of option. Also I never knew that Karaikal is part of Pondicherry, so there is a checkpost for what you take in and what you bring out. It is again 10 KM drive and we found a hotel and the guy came running and told its Rs. 1500 per night and we saw from outside that its not even complete. Main gate in under progress. So we left it and went inside the city and we got a hotel. Runai sat inside the car and I went in to enquire. He told that there is room available. We checked in at 5:00 PM. We drove down from the hotel back to Tranquebar. Spend the evening in the beach and picking up shells. We had some very interesting fried stuff. Looks like vada but salty in taste and also usual ice cream and snacks. Before it is dark we packed off from there and bought dinner from a road side shop. Parked our car and ourself too and went to sleep.
Its 16-Aug-2014, we got up early morning and by 8:00 AM we are back to Tranquebar.
The main gate which was made by the Danish people for their colony back in 1620. Its a straight main road with 2 lane.
Next we went to the church
We spend a good amount of time there and next we went to main church in the junction.
Next we went to the fort and it is closed. So we went to bungalow on the beach for breakfast. Its buffet for Rs. 150 per head. We came out from the place at 10:15 AM and walked toward the Danish Fort which is just opposite to the resort.
bungalow on the beach
The ticket is Rs. 10 per head and Rs. 30 for camera. We went in and there is a museum with old artifacts. The place is very picturesque and can spend good amount of time there.
Danish Fort

Danish Fort

Danish Fort Inside

Danish Fort Inside Museum Door

Beach view form the Danish Fort
After spending some time there till afternoon, we returned back from there and headed toward Karaikal. From there we wanted to go and visit Velankanni which is just few km away. The road is good and usually empty. But once you are in Velankanni for the holy church, you have no where to go but to wait inside the car for hours to move just a inch. Nothing seems moving for hours due to traffic and it was hot outside. After spending an hour to move just a inch, we decided to go back and visit some other time. With some trouble, did a U-turn and back to karaikal. On our way got the pic of tsunami hit area memorial. We got our lunch from a small which is like home food and nothing fancy. Anyway back to hotel and had our lunch. Evening we didn't do much other than go and get dinner and relax inside the hotel.

Next day 17th-Aug-2014, we check-in the hotel at 8:00 AM and started our journey back to Banaglore. This time we came from a different route which looks lengthy but marked with state or national highway. We reached in the evening and called it a day.

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