Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trip to Lepakshi, Penukonda and Puttaparthi

One of our friend told us about this place Lepakshi and we decided to go there.

Its 15-Jan-2015 and we started at 4:20 AM. We packed our breakfast and lunch last evening. So with everything ready we started the day. It was still dark and after we crossed airport toll gate, we had to stop because it was foggy and we couldn't see anything beyond a meter. We parked nearby a tea stall and waited for sometime. I saw few taxi and private cars also halted there. Anyway after wiping windshield we started and this time drove slowly. Within no time we reached Lepakshi morning 6:30 AM. There were nobody on road except few animals and farmers. We parked near Andhra Pradesh hotel and beside that is the famous Nandi bull. After taking some photographs there we had our breakfast and then we asked for temple direction. We walked down to the temple and then decided to go back to car and bring the car here because we have to keep our shoe outside and there are few monkeys around. So keeping the shoe inside is better idea. Anyway we went inside the temple and there hardly few people inside. A priest took us inside and did a puja for us. Promptly after that we went around the temple to take some pic. After couple of pic one person came to us and told not to take pic inside the temple. Anyway the temple is beautiful and the most famous thing about the temple is hanging pillar. If you don't what it is and where you will find it, here is the info. This pillars are similar to rock pillars curved beautifully but they are not touching the ground and stuck to the top rock made roof. I think almost all pillars were made that way back then but now I could only find one. Once you enter the temple, it on 3rd row and 4th column left to you. You can move a piece of paper or anything thin within the base of that pillar. Others I think by now due to maintenance has been fixed with cement.

Next we drove down to Penukonda Fort. Its again a nice place. Once can see a small palace plus jail and water reservoir. If you wish to walk up the hill, you can find a temple. But we looked at each other and then the sun on top of us, we decided to see it from base of the hill rather than going on top the hill.

From there we went to Puttaparthi. Its the holy place for Sai Baba. Inside the town it is heavily crowded but such a small place with big colleges and other things plus a airport. Anyway we both don't like crowded place and this place jam packed with people all around. We went till the end and did a U-turn and back on track to go out of the place. We parked in a quite place and had our lunch and after that headed back to home at 5:00 PM.

No Pic for this blog because SD Card was corrupted I guess due to extensive usage for so many years.


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