Thursday, April 02, 2015

Trip to Goa

Its 02-Apr-2015 and we got up at 3:00 AM and ready by 4:30 Am. After starting from home the first thing we did was to take cash from nearby atm. We took long route to Yeswantpur within city and then straight to Tumkur by 5:20 Am. We stopped after a toll gate for freshen up and also for bread and omlet in nearby shop. We covered 400 km by 9:30 AM. We stopped to fill petrol and air and then for breakfast. Next we had to take diversion to state highway to reach Goa for 200 km. It passes through villages, small road, good road, narrow road hilly terrain. Finally reached Canacona bus stand at 1:30 PM. Had our lunch in the canteen within the bus stand. We have been to this place so many time, we know where we get what. We know the place quite well because we visit each year for past 5 years. This year there was no chattai beach hut. So going to Chattai yoga.
Outside view from Chattai Yoga hotel
We reached there at 2:30 pm. We settled down in our hut and made friends with some cats there. Evening we climbed down from the hill and crossed the lagoon and walked in the Agonda beach. Our old place has been taken by new people. The old road has been tarred. By 6:00 PM we climbed back. We were scared of two things. Its previous day to full moon. So water will raise in lagoon and it will be difficult for us to cross plus there are quick sand too. Plus while climbing down we saw a snake jumping from one branch to another. Anyway after reaching we took our car to go to the old bakery. Got our usual stuff and while retuning back we got vadapau. After eating that we thought to go to dinner but felt asleep.

Next day we got up and after freshen up we went to the bakery and had puri sabji and coffee. We returned back and Runai went to sleep and I was sitting in the restaurant and watching the view and had an omlet. At 1:00 PM I asked Runai if she wants to go to Madgao and she told ok. We drove there. It was too hot  and its around 37 to 38 degree. Anyway we filled petrol which is 56 here asked him which place is good for Goan fish curry. He showed us the direction for Ashok Hotel. We went round and round and couldn't find it. Then we thought we will park and search. We asked a person and he showed us the way. Looks like it's very famous here and yes it should be. It's very nice. We had usual fish rice thali and its awesome. After lunch we returned back at 4:30 and then thought to drive and enjoy the scenic beauty and also to the bakery. We took all long route and did a trip. Evening we went and had Kalamari in butter and garlic and prawn masala in Goan style with rice and rawa fish fry. We also made friend with Brownie the dog in the restaurant. At 9:30 PM it was time for bed.

Next day early morning at 7:00 AM we left for north Goa, but this time we planed to go different part of Goa which usually tourist doesn't go. We went to old Goa which is in the bank of river Mandovi. We parked our car and went to The Basilica of Bom Jesus.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus
Spend a good time there and walked to Archaeological museum and next to Se Cathedral

Archaeological museum and Se Cathedral
There aare many places to see but it was too hot for us and was hungry too. We drove back to Panaji and had lunch at hotel venite. It was lovely food and returned back to Agonda in the evening.

Its 05-Apr-2015, we freshen up and after paying the bill, we started our journey back to Bangalore at 10:00 am. We continued the same road and reached home at 7:00 pm.


The Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus - Inside

The Basilica of Bom Jesus - Inside

The Basilica of Bom Jesus

Se Cathedral - Inside

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral - Inside

Se Cathedral - Inside


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