Sunday, April 06, 2014

Quick trip to Big Banyan Tree in Bangalore in car

Its our second trip in car to Big Banyan Tree, Bangalore. Its 11:00 AM 06-Apr-2014 Sunday.

We prepared different types of sandwiches and stuffed with other goodies. We reached there at 1:30 PM and was very hungry. As we were about to enter, we had a glass of sugar cane juice. The tree is really old and the best part is the main trunk of the tree couldn't be found anywhere. Its really huge and beautiful. As we made our first bite, we saw dogs started coming in and then group of monkeys. I started to have as quickly as I can and wanted to walk off. Runai too started eating quickly but she had to throw half of the sandwich as those monkeys were about to jump on her. We came out and had rice and samber and bonda from a nearby local place. It was really nice and tasty. We also had masala pineapple and then returned back from there at 3:00 PM. We went straight to Hosur road through NICE road and returned back home.

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