Friday, April 18, 2014

Trip to Puducherry in car

It was our first long trip in car Bangalore to Pondicherry. We wanted to stay in French Guest House but could not get any, so settled in some normal hotels. The rush was because of long weekend holiday for Bangalore Election and Good Friday.
It is 18-Apr-2014, Runai, Som, Harsha and I started at morning 5:40 AM. We took outer ring road and then hosur road flyover and then straight to Krishnagiri. Just after crossing electronic city, we filled petrol and got some cash from ATM. After crossing Hosur, we parked in Udupi Hotel for breakfast. Next we went to Krishnagiri and wanted to head toward Tiruvannamalai. Though our map was showing that we have to take a diversion, but we were not sure from where, so asked a person and then taken the route. It was good for few km, and then the road starts to show its true nature. Its more like "gadde pe rasta" i.e road in pot holes. You can't go beyond 20-40 km per hours till you hit Gingee Forest. It took 5 hours to cover 150 km. There are some stretch, where for 1 km it is very good road and suddenly for 100 m, there is no road and it goes down from tar road. So if you don't slow down, you will fall in and hit the bottom of the car in the tar road edge. So the best way to move is allow some bus or heavy vehicle to move in front. Once you see mud flowing because fo the ahead vehicle, you slow down for your turn. The road was real pathetic till we reached Tindivanam. From there till Pondicherry, we had 6 lane road and I didn't waste time to drive in 120 kmph. Anyway by the time we reached Pondicherry it was 2 PM. Since we have visited Pndicherry before, I had some road idea, so we went straight to our hotel area, but went ahead another 100 m and dropped Harsha in her hotel and we went back to our hotel area. Though we know the address, but we spent sometime to find our hotel Executive Inn. Finally we found our hotel and parked our car and went in, but the person in reception told us that the room we booked is in separate building and need to walk for 100 m. We got in our room at 3:00 PM and freshened up quickly because we were hungry. We 3 went out walking to nearby place and cooled ourselves. It was till evening we were in the restaurant and then at night Som and I spent some time in sea with some cool breeze. At night we had dinner in nearby stall at 11 PM and went to bed.
Its 19-Apr-2014, I got up early and after freshen up. This time we wanted to just try some french cuisine and nothing much. So Runai and I started in our car and as I was driving, Runai was trying to find some good french restarurant in maps. But looks like most of them open for lunch and dinner. So after few searches, we found cafe des arts. We were about to park near its gate, but a person suggested us to park in opposite side. It was an awesome place with fabulous food. We tried french crepes and grape juice and croque monsieur and mango juice. Later we came back to hotel and didn't do much other than relaxing in the room balcony. For lunch we went to Villa Shanti which is 100 m away from morning restaurant. We parked our car in a nearby lane to get some shade. This time Som joined us and it was a fine dining. We tried steaks and fish and chicken. You won't believe but it is the best I ever tried. After coming out, Runai bought a pair of leather slipper from nearby shop for Rs. 800. Later we went back to hotel. Som wanted to go for a walk, so Runai went back to hotel and I accompanied to Som. Evening, Som returned back to hotel and Runai and I went to Promenade and walked from one end of the sea to other end and enjoying the cool breeze. I got a pin wheel for her. We walked down to some road inside and started visiting some old french houses and places. We saw a Vietnamese restaurant and went in. But they open after 7 pm. So came out and went back to sea. We had a plate of masala puri and then mango icecream. Then Harsha called up to know where we are. We suggested to meet at Gandhi Statue because we are at one end and she and her sister is at other end. After 30 min, we meet up and then Harsha's sister told that she wants coffee. I suggested that we try le cafe. It was very crowded but the best about the place is that it is on sea beach. We tried various cakes and various coffee and tea for 4 of us. By the time we came out from there, we were full. Harsha and her sister went from there and we went in our way at 9 PM. Runai wanted to try another place, so told me we will order the least and try how it is. So we walked down to same place and went to hotel de l'orient. This time we were up for some Pondi cuisine, so we ordered for local style beef curry and rice. The waiter inquired whether it will be enough for 2 of us and we assured him that we are full but wanted to try here, so it is enough for us. I think we would have missed it if we didn't try it. It was so delicious and yummy. We walked all the way from there to our hotel and then Som, Runai and I watched TV for sometime and chit chat till late night and then went to bed.
Its 20-Apr-2014, I got up early morning and then went to fill fuel and air near the railway station and then asked a piece of cloth from the reception to wash the car. Then went and bought breakfast and by the time I reached room, it was 9 AM. We freshened up and had our breakfast. I think Som went to aurobindo ashram early morning and he came back and we are suppose to leave Pondicherry at 12 noon. Runai called up Harsha and told the same. We started as planned and then picked up Harsha who was staying 200 m away from our place and then we started. This time I was sure to take Vellore road. It was very nice road. We had our lunch at 4 PM and then reached home at 9:30 PM after leaving Harsha at Silk Board Junction and Som at Ramamurthy Nagar Signal.
Going from Bangalore to Pondicherry

Coming from Pondicherry to Bangalore

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